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One Direction Imagines ♥

Hai. Apa kabar? Hehe, udah lama nggak ngepost nih. Dan kali ini mau ngepost lagi-lagi berhubungan tentang "One Direction" hehe. Langsung aja ya ini dia 1D imagines nya yang bisa bikin kamu melayang-layang! :D
NB: ini buatan aku sendiri loh:3

At a party, your guy friend comes over and says, "Wow, you look great! Beautiful!" and then you see Liam get uncomfortable, "What happen, Liam?" he says, "Umh, sorry. I get jealous." he looks at you and you feel shy and just can smile.

#imagine In the unexpected morning, the boys waking you up with their "Time to Get Up" song and bring you your favorite breakfast!♥

Louis wear a necklace with the first letter of your name, you ask, "Why you wear it?" he smiles and says, "In order to have you near my heart babe." he smiles and kisses you slowly♥

You ask Zayn, "Give me a three words." he replies fast,"I love you." you say, "Come on, another?" he answer, "You're my future." and before you say anything he smiles and then kisses you♥

Every morning when Harry wakes up, he send you a message saying, "Morning sweetheart.Can't wait to see your beautiful face again. I love you."♥

You're spending a romantic weekend in Paris with Niall and you go on the top of Eiffel Tower and kissing there♥

*cuddling with Zayn* he says, "Do you have a glue gun?" you ask, "For what?" he replies, "I wanna glue our hands so we could stay like this forever."♥

You ask Liam a random questions, "If your mother and I were drowning, who would you save?" he says,"I'd save my mother and I'd die with you."he kisses u♥

*meeting Louis for the first time* you are so happy and before you say anything, he writes his phone number on your arm "Call me." and then he winks and walks away.♥

You borrow Liam's handphone and you see the unsent messages to you and written, "I love you, would you be my girl?"and suddenly Liam says, "Now, you know it babe."he smiles, come over you and get you in his arms♥

You're talking with the boys about Zayn, you say, "Zayn is perfect! I always think about him, is there a sweeter and more beautiful person than Zayn?" suddenly Zayn comes up and says,"You."♥

You were bored and then you go on Twitter, you see the trending topics and the Directioners have been talking about "HarryWillMarry(YourName)"♥

Going on your first date with Zayn. He takes you to a park, then afterwards he walks with you on the beach and he says, "This is my best day ever."♥

Niall has just made a crown of daisies and he places it on your head, "So beautiful! There(Your Name), now you're my princess."he smiles♥

You're on the park with Louis, the sky starts to rain and there's a lightning, he holds your hand and says, "Believe me, everything's gonna be alright."♥

You meet 1D for the first time, you take a picture with Liam and you say, "Do you believe in love at the first sight?" he says, "I do now."♥

Harry says to you, "I could forget maths, geography, lyrics, or maybe my own name. But the only one that I can't forget is you." he kisses you in the forehead♥

*watching film with Niall*, there's the last popcorn, Niall says,"The last popcorn is mine!"you feel upset and he continues, "But you're my last love."♥

You ask to Zayn,"Why do you choose me to be your girl?"he said, "Cause I love you." You ask again,"Well, why you love me?"he said, "There's no reason to love my girl."♥

Lain kalo aku update lagi jadi gambar semuanya kok! Keep visiting my blog! :)
Kalo pengen tau info tentang 1D lainnya tanya aja ke aku lewat twitter @annisarhmw ;)

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