Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

SEE IT: Louis Tomlinson Childhood :D

Wanna see Louis Tomlinson childhood? See it here! Check it out! :D

So cute. This is Louis when he was baby. What do you think?:)
See more below ;)

He's grew up.... So cute oh. my. god.

Yeah, his smile's really niceeeeee *fell out

Doing some exercise, huh? :)

Can you guess which one is Louis?;)

He looks cool B)

Ok, cheers and smile! It turns out, he was familiarized from childhood to uses a clothes like that! Not bad ;)

Louis and his sister read a book. Haha it's really a cute thing :3

Right. He loves soccer ;)

Look at the guy on the left side! He is Louissssssss:3

And more old photos of Louis here... OMG. His laugh.....

And this omg actually it made me LOL

Awww baby


WOOOOW!!! That is some photos of Louis in high school aww

OMG Louis' face lol

And he is Louis NOW. Omg he's so perfect isn't he??!

Just share. OMG his smile.... *fainted

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ganteng nya ih

Anonim mengatakan...

keep crazy n handsome...

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